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Marvel’s Avengers Fan Comes Up With Interesting Scarlet Witch Hero Concept

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The hero roster for Marvel's Avengers has remained static lately, as the title seems to be slipping out of service thanks to shifting ownership between the developer and publisher.

However, while there are still rumors of heroes like the Winter Soldier coming as DLC, some fans have started to create their own concepts for how to include popular Marvel characters into the game.One fan in particular has shared one of their concepts to the Marvel's Avengers subreddit, with a detailed explanation for how Scarlet Witch could be introduced into the ongoing title.

Reddit user IllI-APEX-IllI has done the work to implement the concept of Scarlet Witch from including possible Heroic abilities, to an entirely new status effect unique to the character joining the in-game universe.Strange Marvel’s Avengers Bug Shows Spider-Man Becoming an Actual SpiderThe concept naturally begins with a design for Scarlet Witch, moving by floating in the air and likely being one of the few characters with free flying traversal.

However, where this takes the turn from interesting to impressive is how the fan managed to work the powers shown off from Wanda's appearance in Multiverse of Madness into her Intrinsic and Heroic abilities.

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