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How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Tera Raids Can Change The Game

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After months of silence, The Pokemon Company held a Pokemon Presents event that included a long Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer as well as an overview trailer that went through all the features revealed so far.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Legendaries will help players from the very beginning of their adventure in the Paldea region by providing them with alternate forms that make for fast travels across land, sea, and air.

New Gen 9 Pokemon were also shown, including the first regional variant revealed thus far in the form of Paldean Wooper, a pocket monster that closely resembles its Johtonian cousin, albeit with different colors and an interesting type combination.One of the most interesting features unveiled in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's third trailer is the battle gimmick for Gen 9 games, the Terastal phenomenon.

Thanks to Terastallization, Pokemon can change their existing type or type combination to a specific type that's dictated by their Tera affinity, gaining all strengths and weaknesses of the chosen type until the end of the battle.

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