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Honkai Impact 3rd v5.7 update: New open world, Battlesuits, and more features

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Honkai Impact 3rd is just a few days away from one of its most significant year updates. Version 5.7, Song of Perdition, focuses on the newest chapter of the Elysian Realm, which has eventually become a part of the main storyline.Hoyoverse has this arc scheduled for at least two more updates, where Herrscher of Thunder seeks answers via various means.The upcoming update is scheduled for May 19, where servers in America, Asia, and Europe will be updated with new content following maintenance.

Typically, all captains will be compensated with a fair amount of crystals. Hoyoverse is also adding two new Battlesuits in 5.7, one in gacha and the other in f2p.The very first Battlesuit in v5.7 comes in the form of a BIO-type Valkyrie, known as Disciplinary Perdition.

She is also known as Aponia among her comrades from the previous era.Wielding a Chakram, similar to Pardofelis, Aponia can rain down multiple strikes of lightning strikes on her enemies, both via her regular and ultimate attacks.However, unlike Pardofelis, Aponia can switch between the two forms in battle.

These are the Conviction and Predictors forms.In Conviction form, Aponia can restore Redemption over time, dealing lightning strikes on enemies.

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