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Hearthstone: Leaker Claims Death Knight Class is Coming with Third Year of the Hydra Expansion

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Hearthstone recently rolled out Murder at Castle Nathria, the second card set for the Year of the Hydra expansion cycle.

However, one Hearthstone fan claims he knows what the next expansion will be–and that it will include the Death Knight as a new hero type.Windows Central editor Jez Corden was the claimant behind these particular leaks.

A well-known and credible source of leaks in the past, Corden made the claim on his personal Twitter.World of Warcraft: A Popular Hearthstone Villain Might Appear in DragonflightCorden claimed Hearthstone would be adding the Death Knight as a brand-new hero that cards could be built around, with Arthas as the default hero skin character it would use.

He also said the Reborn keyword, which first appeared in Saviors of Uldum, will be making a return as an evergreen keyword, and that Undead would become a new creature type.

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