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Granblue Fantasy Character Voice Clip Discovered in Latest The Chainsmokers Song

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While Granblue Fantasy is one of the more relatively niche gacha games compared to others like Fire Emblem Heroes, Genshin Impact, or Azur Lane, it still has an active fanbase that has kept the game going ever since its release in 2014.

This has seen the franchise spin-off into other games such as the fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus and the upcoming action JRPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which is set to launch sometime this year.

Much like other gacha games, it features a large cast of playable characters/units that players can summon.One of these units is Clarisse, a young alchemic genius who serves a powerful support role in Granblue Fantasy.

She can inflict debuffs to foes and dispel any buffs that have been cast by the opponent. She's described as a straightforward and easy for beginners to use in the game.

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