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Fortnite Adds RoboCop To The Item Shop

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Fortnite isn't exactly shy about doing crossovers with different intellectual properties. In fact, the game's insistence on featuring characters and items from other games, movies, and other types of modern media has turned it into a video game melting pot of unprecedented variety.Naturally, Fortnite's approach to crossovers is a stellar fit for the game, as it's a true modern free-for-all where everything and a bag of chips could be turned into a playable character.

In fact, the latest such addition comes in the form of a genuine playable Robocop, who comes equipped with a few curious items from his ultra-dystopic timeline.Dr Disrespect Gets 'Back on Twitch' Thanks to Fortnite AdComing in hot on the heels of Fortnite's recent Star Wars crossover event, the release of the Robocop crossover seems to be more of a standalone push than a big marketing event.

Featured in the bundle is the traditional 1987 Robocop design, a torn-off leg of the Robocop's in-universe predecessor, the ED-209, which is now being used as a backpack and a pickaxe, and a special emote where the player character rides a fun-sized version of the ED-209.While the introduction of Robocop-themed content and, indeed, the Robocop himself might look a bit out of the left-field considering that there's already a ridiculously large roster of Marvel and DC characters in Fortnite.

Epic Games has been exceedingly welcoming of just about every IP collaboration it could think of, and this is bound to continue for the foreseeable future, too.Robocop as a franchise might be a bit old in the tooth in 2022, but Fortnite has already had a Terminator crossover at this point in time.

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