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Forspoken Combat guide: 5 tips for beginners

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Forspoken has many mechanics that assist gamers in having a smooth experience. From using various magic spells in sticky combat situations to scanning the battlefield before approaching an enemy, players have as much freedom to play Forspoken as they desire.

There are, however, some aspects of the game that newcomers should stick to for a while before resorting to advanced tactics.Forspoken is the latest RPG by Square Enix and developed by Luminous Productions.

The game is focused on using magical abilities to traverse the world of Athia and fight enemies. It has a unique combat flow as it fuses parkour with offensive magic spells.

This might take some time for some players to get used to.Forspoken puts you in the shoes of Frey, who gets teleported to a new world of Athia.

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