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Former Days Gone Director Opens New Studio To Develop "First True Web 3.0" Game

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Former Days Gone creative director John Garvin and former head of PlayStation's Visual Arts Michael Mumbauer have teamed up to start a new studio.

Its first game is a blockchain title called Ashfall, touted as the "first true Web 3.0 triple-A title for PC, console, and the Hedera network." As reported by IGN, Ashfall is ironically an open-world game where the world has succumbed to global warming.

Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency are all energy-intensive, leaving a huge carbon footprint, but the game seeks to explore a world ripped apart by the same global warming.

It will also start as a narrative-driven single-player game before branching out into PvP and PvE. RELATED: If Only There Was Some Way For Game Companies To Know NFTs Were Bad Before The Backlash The Hedera network mentioned is a blockchain system which lets players buy, sell, build, and trade in "exclusivity", possibly finding NFTs in Ashfall's scavenging and discovery elements.

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