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Footage From Cancelled Scarface 2 Game Unearthed

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Scarface: Empire's early gameplay footage has emerged, showing Radical Entertainment's open-world crime project as of June 2008.

The sequel to 2006's Scarface: The World is Yours was cancelled by Activision shortly after the publisher acquired the studio, following the idea to focus on the Prototype series.

Scarface 2 events would have been set in Las Vegas, with Al Pacino's Tony Montana returning as a protagonist. As revealed by the Mafia Game Videos YouTube channel, "the initial idea was Tony was forced out of Miami during the crackdown on drugs in that area or time period." After that, the mob boss had to decide to move his empire to Vegas.

However, other crime lords didn't appreciate Montana's cocaine being sold in their territories, which eventually forced Montana to build his own casino.

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