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First Lunar Eclipse 2022: Will your city witness the Blood Moon? Check what NASA revealed

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First Lunar Eclipse of 2022: A few weeks back, we saw the first partial solar eclipse of the year, and now skywatchers have another chance to have a mesmerizing view of the first lunar eclipse of this year.

The world is going to witness the year's first total lunar eclipse on May 15, that is today. World is going to witness the ‘Supermoon’, that means the moon is set to look bigger than its usual size.

Also, it will take on a reddish colour, that’s the reason it is known as ‘Blood moon’.A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth.

Only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in a straight line with the Earth between the other two can this happen. A lunar eclipse occurs when it casts a shadow on the lunar surface.

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