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Total lunar eclipse 2022: how to watch Blood Moon on May 15,16

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Lunar eclipse 2022 (Chandra Grahan) live streaming online: Just a few days back, the Earth witnessed the first solar eclipse of 2022.

And now it is time to witness yet another cosmic marvel – first total lunar eclipse of the year. While visually it will be much less dramatic than the solar eclipse, you will get to see a bloody red Moon, which is also known as the Blood Moon.

According to NASA, the Moon will enter the Earth’s shadow on the night of May 15 creating the lunar eclipse. This Chandra Grahan will begin at the late evening of May 15 and will be visible till the early hours of May 16.

Like all lunar eclipses, it will not be visible everywhere. So, check out where the lunar eclipse will be visible to the naked eye and if it is not visible at your location, how to watch the lunar eclipse online.

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