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Total lunar eclipse 2022 today: Know when, where and how to watch moon turning red LIVE

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The most awaited, first total lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) of the year is here. The total lunar eclipse of 2022 will take place on the night of May 15 to early morning of May 16.

It will be the first total lunar eclipse since May of 2021, according to NASA. The red moon or blood moon will be visible for about 1 and a half hours, one of the longest totalities of the decade. “This is really an eclipse for the Americas,” said NASA's Noah Petro, a planetary geologist who specializes in the moon, AP reported.

However, the eclipse will not be seen everywhere, but can be watched live online. Here is all you need to know about the total lunar eclipse of 2022- watch Blood Moon live online..A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so that the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow.

In a total lunar eclipse, the entire Moon falls within the darkest part of Earth’s shadow, called the umbra. When the Moon is within the umbra, it will turn a reddish hue.

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