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Fan Makes Overwatch Chart to Explain How Powerful Each Character is in the Lore

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Along with trying to deliver tight, fun, and frenetic gameplay, Blizzard typically loads its games with tons of lore to give the respective game universe life, even if the game itself may be lacking in story. Overwatch embodies this concept the most, especially in its colorful cast of characters with backstories that range from fun to tragic and everything in between.

One player who took interest in this narrative has given their thoughts on how powerful the game's characters are within said lore, deciding where they may rank.Overwatch, which was released in 2016, is a competitive multiplayer shooter from Blizzard and was the studio's first wholly original new IP since 1998's StarCraft.

The game originally pit two teams of six against each other in objective driven multiplayer modes, though more traditional options like free-for-all and team deathmatch were added over time.

Blizzard would also add co-operative PvE events, providing a break from the competitive multiplayer, and looks to expand on this with story and hero missions in Overwatch 2.

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