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Fact Check: Will Hogwarts Legacy have a multiplayer mode?

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Through multiple delays and controversies, Hogwarts Legacy remains the stuff that Potterhead dreams are made of. A fully-fleshed-out wizarding world RPG sounds delightful and the game presently sits at the top of Steam's wishlist chart.

While Avalanche's title is set to bring the Potterverse to life, there are a few things fans eagerly want the game to have, including Quidditch and a multiplayer mode.Developed by WB Avalanche under the Portkey Games label, Hogwarts Legacy was initially supposed to be released in 2021.

Fans had already caught a glimpse of the game through a 2018 gameplay leak. Sadly, the title was first delayed to 2022 and then again to February of 2023.Ever since Potterheads learned about the existence of the game, they have been clamoring for an opportunity to explore the wizarding world by logging into Hogwarts Legacy with their fellow friends.According to the FAQ available on the game's official website, the answer to the burning question is no.

The page states:Over the months, fans have been talking about how a multiplayer mode will perfectly fit the notions of friendship and camaraderie pervasive in the wizarding world, be it in meeting new people or banding together for adventures and missions.

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