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Everyone’s grown up in the new Dragon Prince trailer

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A new trailer for The Dragon Prince’s fourth season showcases more of the high-stakes fantasy action — and the time skip. We’ve long known that there will be a two-year time jump in this new season, which corresponds with the real-life gap between seasons.

The last season of The Dragon Prince came out on Netflix in 2019. Now, the characters are a little older. Step-prince Callum is the High Mage of the kingdom, while his little brother has stepped up as king.

Meanwhile, Elf assassin Rayla has parted ways with the humans, in search of the villain... … who has been dead for the past two years!

But his daughter Claudia has freshly resurrected him with the help of mysterious (and sexy) Startouch elf Aavaros. In fact, this new arc, which will span multiple seasons, is all about Aavaros’s quest to control Xadia.

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