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Everyone calm down — the fish in the live-action Little Mermaid actually look fine

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Here’s a controversial opinion about Disney’s new live-action remake ofThe Little Mermaid: In spite of all the complaining, the CG animals don’t actually look that bad.

Make no mistake, I don’t think they look good, especially when compared to the original movie. Far from it! But they don’t look as off-putting in the actual movie as they did in some of the trailers.

Most of the clips released for promotional purposes were focused on re-creating scenes from the animated classic as closely as possible, which means inserting realistic-looking fish, Sebastian the crab, and other creatures into moments where they mostly react to the human (and mermaid) characters.

And realistically rendered animals just won’t have the same evocative expressions as their cartoon counterparts. Watching a regular, realistic crab respond to a yearning song isn’t all that visually interesting.

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