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Dying Light 2: No Mercy Side Quest Walkthrough

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When playing through the Broadcast story mission in Dying Light 2, you will have the choice of giving the transmitter to either the Peacekeepers or Juan.

If you decide to assign the transmitter to the Peacekeepers and agree to help Jack Matt later in the campaign, you will get the No Mercy side quest. RELATED: Dying Light 2: Wall Of Valor - Deadly Exchange Side Quest Walkthrough You will have to make many important choices during the side quest to decide the fate of the important characters and the ending you will get.

This guide will cover a walkthrough of the No Mercy side quest and all the consequences of each choice. Jack Matt plans to attack the leader of the Renegades, Colonel Williams, also known as the Butcher.

Jack wants you to take out the top officer working for the Butcher for the things to work according to his plans. The alternative to this side quest is the Deals With The Devil's side quest, which you get if you choose to hand the antenna to Juan and agree to his proposal in the Veronika story mission. Track the side quest and head to the Garrison region to start the mission. Jack Matt believes that it is necessary to get rid of Butcher's top officer, so he wants you to look for him in his office at a Renegade's Outpost. Head to the marked outpost and enter the building. There will be dead bodies lying around. Go downstairs and interact with the marked door. A cutscene will play where Lawan will contact you on the radio.

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