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Dragon Ball GT’s Strongest Villain Would Be Obliterated in Super

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While Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT as both are considered sequels to Dragon Ball Z, the power levels of both heroes and villains within Super drastically put GT to shame, including GT’s strongest villain who would be absolutely obliterated if he ever showed his face in Dragon Ball Super.

In the final season of the Dragon Ball GT anime series, a villain known as Omega Shenron comes to the forefront of the Z Fighters’ attention as he attempts to wreak havoc upon the Earth.

Omega Shenron, or Syn Shenron, is a Shadow Dragon who is the manifestation of all the negative energy created when one makes a wish.

In this instance, Omega Shenron became so powerful after the Namekians wished to bring back everyone that Frieza and his soldiers had killed back in Dragon Ball Z’s «Frieza Saga».

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