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Diablo IV Twitch Streams With Early Access Beta

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Diablo IV Early Access Beta Weekend is in full swing and is taking over Twitch! With over 700,000 viewers at the time of this article's writing, it's clear people are knocking down the gates of Hell in excitement.

Players have swarmed Sanctuary and are making their way through the Fractured Peaks as we speak. What if you couldn't get your hands on a Diablo IV Early Access Beta key, though?

Never fear — although you may not be in the drivers seat, these Twitch streams will give you plenty of insight as to how Diablo IV looks, feels and plays!

LuckyLuciano_6 is a well known Diablo II Resurrected streamer and speedrunner — playing Rogue, Lucky is currently streaming in a party, exhibiting the grouping system in Diablo IV.

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