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Diablo 4 Test Build Footage is Leaking Online

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This past week, reports were shared that Blizzard had officially begun a «Friends and Family Alpha» for Diablo 4.

This alpha test would go beyond employee-only testing and would invite trusted friends and family members to play the current build of Diablo 4, but only under strict NDA.

NDA'd test leaks are infrequent, particularly when only «trusted» individuals are invited, but it seems some players are anxious to share Diablo 4 info with the public.The most prominent leak features several screenshots taken from the Diablo 4 alpha's opening menus.

The user interface is clearly using temporary assets, but there are some intriguing revelations nonetheless. The most prominent confirmation is the return of Diablo 3's seasons, as one gameplay option allows players to create a character partaking in the current season's competitive progression race.

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