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Developer Riot Lexical provides an update on state of the League of Legends champions team and Skarner VGU

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Riot Lexical, a Riot Games developer, has provided information on the League of Legends champions team and Skarner VGU's current status.

The champions' rework (ASU, VGU, and mini-rework) has been postponed for about a year. Thus, these changes are long overdue.Riot Lexical stated that she joined the League of Legends champions team a year ago when the team suffered from the downstream effects of COVID.

She further stated that Zeri, Renata, and Udyr were all pushed farther out to accommodate the many disciplines that had the other devs down due to illness, needing time to work on life changes, or leaving the team.According to her, it became painfully clear that they were reacting to changes rather than planning for themselves as a team.

Many team members have been there for over a decade, and it became a red flag.Riot Lexical recognizes the need to slow down and regroup to build a better and more productive future.

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