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Genshin Impact Lantern Rite: All Paper Theater puzzles guide

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The fourth act of Genshin Impact's Lantern Rite Paper Theater game is finally available, and it is called Adeptus Ex. Like the previous three acts, there are three new scenes with different scenarios and new mechanisms.Fans can participate in the Lantern Rite Paper Theater mini-game to win the following rewards:This guide will showcase how to solve all the puzzles of the Paper Theater game in Genshin Impact.This is the first puzzle of Genshin Impact's Paper Theater game, and there are two ways to solve it.

The first option is to switch the bottom left section with the bottom center, and the other is to move the door to the center by switching its place with the vase.To solve this puzzle, switch the bottom center and bottom right sections and wait until the actor hits the vase and reaches his original position.

Then, move the actor to the middle, and the door to the bottom left position.It is the final puzzle of the Homecoming act, and the actor's objective is to reach his sister instead of a door.

You can start by switching the bottom center section with the bottom right and wait for the actor to reach the vase. Then, return the sections to their original positions.Across Mountains is the next act of Genshin Impact's Paper Theater, and the difficulty level of the puzzles will also increase with each scene.

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