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Genshin Impact Temple of Gurabad chess piece location: Easiest guide

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Genshin Impact recently added a new region in Sumeru—the Desert of Hadramavath—making it the largest nation in Teyvat that can be explored by travelers.

Like the previous regions in the Land of Wisdom, this new one also has a series of World Quests that must be completed to unlock certain parts of the map.In one of these quests, the Traveler has to find five Chess Pieces, including the final Temple of Gurabad Chess Piece.

Solving this puzzle will trigger The Apocalypse Lost to continue the quest chain after The Dirge of Bilqis and The Fallen Falcon.This article will guide players on how to find the Temple of Gurabad Chess Piece.Chess Pieces are a newly added item in Genshin Impact v3.4 used to solve the Chessboard puzzle in Safhe Shatranj in the new desert region of Sumeru after completing a series of World Quests.

Of the five Chess Pieces, the Temple of Gurabad is the final one and can only be acquired after completing The Dirge of Bliqis and Tadhla The Falcon.This chain of quests can only be triggered after completing the Golden Slumber series in Genshin Impact, which includes the following quests:Once you have completed all the prerequisite quests and obtained the first four Chess Pieces from The Dirge of Bilqis, you can get the final piece, Temple of Gurabad, during the Falcon series.

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