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10 strongest League of Legends champions according to Runeterra lore

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Amidst the dozens of MOBA games available in the market, League of Legends is one of the few that has managed to continue its popularity.

This is mainly because players can choose from various characters, each with unique skill sets and intriguing backstories.Most League of Legends champions' power scalings differ considerably from their official narratives and how they are depicted in the game.Champions in this game are balanced and scaled down to the point where each character feels equally powerful.

However, if we delve a little further into their Runeterra lore, we will discover precisely how starkly the power levels of each champion vary.With 162 champions, the world of Runterra has existed for a very long time, but only a few champions are strong enough to be immortalized in the annals of history.The ten League of Legends champions on today's list are said to be the strongest champions in Runeterra, per the lore.Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.Runeterra's oldest demon, Fiddlesticks, stands in tenth position on the list of Runeterra's strongest characters.

League of Legends Ancient Fear existed from the earliest light of the day to the end.The demon scarecrow can be found everywhere but nowhere.

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