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Destiny 2: What is Shuro Chi wish in Last Wish Raid?

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Last Wish is one of the longest recorded Raids in Destiny 2 to date. Because of the nature of Raid's encounters, enemies, and mechanics, it took players an entire day to achieve the World's First title.

One encounter it offers, however, made history in the community, as it became timeless for multiple reasons.Shuro Chi is the second major boss in the Raid, known among the community for presenting in several mobs at once.

Due to this, players have made it a primary checkpoint for leveling up their weapons, unlocking Exotic catalysts, and completing different calibration missions.

This article will guide you through the process, which will allow you to jump into the Shuro Chi encounter as a solo player.For starters, you will need to launch the Last Wish Raid from Dreaming City.

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