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"We get to make new weapons to match the raid": Destiny 2 developers reveal criteria for new Exotics in reprised raids

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Over the past few years, Bungie has been reprising a few raids from their previous game and bringing them into Destiny 2. The first raid to undergo this was the Vault of Glass, and the latest one to receive this treatment is the King's Fall raid.There's a lot of work involved in reprising these raids, and the developers of the game answered some really important questions in their latest weekly blog post about raid weapons in the game.It's common knowledge that each and every raid in Destiny 2 comes with its own Exotic, be it a reprised raid or a brand new one.

But what happens when the Exotic related to a raid is already in the game and the raid is being reprised?For now, there is no hint of this raid being reprised.

However, in case this raid does get reprised in the near future, the developers have mentioned that it will receive a brand new Exotic because the weapon related to it, the Outbreak Perfected, is already available for purchase at the Monument to Lost Light in Destiny 2.Here's what the developers had to say about the entire weapon system with respect to reprised raids in the latest blog post:They also added that reprising a raid wasn't an easy task.

The raids from the old game had to be tweaked and modified to keep up with the standards of the current game in terms of graphics quality and artwork:The latest blog post also revealed some major changes that are scheduled to make their way into Destiny 2 Season 19.

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