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Destiny 2's Duality Dungeon Farm System Resembles Lost Sectors

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Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted launched alongside a new patrol zone in the form of the derelict Leviathan, Calus' ship where vanilla Raids used to take place before they became part of the Destiny Content Vault.

This time, the Leviathan is located on the Moon because Calus wants to merge his consciousness with the Pyramid ship found deep within the depths of the Earth's satellite, which is causing mayhem due to the Nightmares' presence being reinforced.

In this context, Bungie released the new Duality Dungeon as part of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, with the expressed intent of players being able to study Calus' mind and steal his thoughts, getting a better understanding of his plans.Both narratively and from a gameplay standpoint, Duality is likely one of the best Dungeons Destiny 2 has ever seen to date.

However, the Dungeon falls short due to a specific issue with loot not being rewarded based on players' time investment, as the loot pool comprises a mix of weapons and armor pieces with the latter seemingly weighted more heavily.

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