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Destiny 2 Freelance Trials of Osiris may become permanent

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Destiny 2’s ultra-competitive Trials of Osiris will be available in Freelance this weekend, and it sounds like Bungie is considering making it a permanent feature for the multiplayer game mode.

For the time being, Freelance is only made available occasionally, allowing solo players to jump in and compete for some of Destiny 2’s most coveted fashions.

June 24-26 will be the first Freelance Trials of Osiris of the new Season of the Haunted, and as the latest This Week at Bungie notes, it’s a chance for anyone who’s curious about the 3v3 mode to drop in and check things out.

Trials of Osiris pits two teams of three against each other in a variant of Elimination, and the object is to wipe out the opposing team.

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