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Destiny 2's Mid-Air Gun Battles Getting Tweaked In Mid-Season Update

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Season 17 brought significant changes to Destiny 2, and one of the biggest was the new Airborne Effectiveness stat. This new stat determines how well a weapon will perform while a Guardian is in the air--the higher the stat, the more accurate the weapon will be.

Certain weapons, perks, and Exotics helped Guardians build this hidden stat so that they could become mid-air monsters if they so chose.

Unfortunately, the new Airborne Effectiveness (AE) options also came with a general nerf to the AE of every weapon in the game.

The idea here was that if Guardians wanted to fly, they had to build for it. Related: Destiny 2 Needs The Tribute Hall Now More Than Ever It seems that Bungie might have missed the mark slightly as even with a dedicated build, most Guardians found AE too hard to build for in order to be effective.

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