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Deadpool Proved Hawkeye's Most Iconic Death Was Completely Pointless

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AfterHawkeye’s iconic death,Deadpool couldn’t help himself. During one of the Avengers' darkest moments, Hawkeye became one of the casualties of Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown, taking an invading Kree ship down before his equipment exploded.

Although Clint would eventually be resurrected, the memory of his sacrifice was later tarnished by Deadpool’s comments during his conflict with Agent X.

During their battle, Deadpool’s opinion about their mutual equipment suggest that Hawkeye’s heroic moment may have been the cause of negligence or a fatal case of forgetfulness instead of horrible coincidence.

In Avengers #502 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch, the Avengers are still reeling from the chaotic chain of events that killed Ant-Man and Vision, while leaving a few members in the hospital.

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