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Dead by Daylight Making Big Changes to Progression

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Dead by Daylight has a major progression overhaul in the works, which should help players seeking to customize their characters and try out new perks.

The mid-chapter update will reduce the hours needed to unlock Dead by Daylight's many perks and will make the prestige system far more forgiving for players resetting back to level 1.Behavior Interactive releasedDead by Daylight in 2016, and the asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game immediately became one of the most played and most well-regarded titles within the burgeoning genre previously dominated by older titles likeLeft 4 Dead 2.

In the years since the game's debut, tons of updates have been made which have improved and added much and even brought licensed crossover content such as Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill and Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.

Behavior Interactive has steadily updated the game's features, UI, and mechanics resulting in a six-year-old game that still has plenty of mileage left.Dead by Daylight is Getting Attack on Titan CosmeticsIn an effort to reduce the significant grind faced particularly by newer players trying to catch up with progression, Behavior Interactive has plans to completely overhaul the perks and prestige systems to be far less time-consuming.

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