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Darth Vader And Palpatine Hit The Beach In The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Trailer

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The latest LEGO and Star Wars mashup is heading to Disney Plus as the far away galaxy will get a new summer-themed special come August.

From the looks of it, Darth Vader and Palpatine are ready to provide fans with plenty of laughter without all the seriousness of the main timeline.Lucasfilm had previously produced similar Star Wars streaming shorts for Disney Plus, like last year’s LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales or the 2020 Holiday Special, which consisted of similar light-hearted takes on the franchise.

The animated shorts are not to be confused with the ill-famed 1978Star Wars Holiday Special, the first of the franchise's many spinoffs, which came out one year after A New Hope, though without George Lucas writing or directing, and has gone on to be pretty much forgotten ever since.4 Game Genres Not Touched By Star Wars (And How They Could work)This time around, LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation focuses on Finn and company shortly after the events taking place in the Rise of Skywalker to finally “have some fun” on Disney Plus, as the stormtrooper deserter puts it, starting August 5.

Naturally, things don’t go exactly as planned, though perhaps the biggest draw for many Star Wars fans will be the opportunity to see Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine lighten up a bit as Anakin Skywalker strolls through the beach humming his iconic Imperial March.

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