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DanMachi IV: Episode 10 "Juggernaut (Destroyer)" Review

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The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of DanMachi IV, «Juggernaut (Destroyer)» now streaming on HIDIVE.There were so many ways for DanMachi IV to be predictable and after all, the show literally has been foreshadowing the future for the last four episodes thanks to a character whose whole shtick is precognition.

And even with that, episode 10 has put forth a series of unfortunate events so surprising that the path forward is nigh indecipherable.Last week, Bell finally got some answers from a very angry Ryu about her involvement in the murders and determined the true culprit behind them, Jura.

And as if the scheming rat wasn't crafty enough, he and his associates created a series of explosions so violent that it summoned a monster unlike anything seen before.DanMachi IV: Episode 9 «Lambton (Ill Omen)» ReviewPart of DanMachi's appeal is how despite looking somewhat generic and formulaic from the outside, it has some true heart to its storytelling and manages to keep the threat alive.

Bell might be arguably overpowered but given how often new threats arise — of varying kinds — there's always some kind of hurdle for him to overcome.I criticized the first arc of this season for seeming to sideline Bell, although that was in service of elevating the supporting cast, who have been phenomenal.

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