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People scramble to download extensive GTA 4 mod after it's hit by DMCA takedown

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Just in case there wasn't enough Rockstar in your news diet this week, the popular GTA 4 Definitive Edition modding project has received an anonymous DMCA takedown notice, which the authors assume came from Rockstar or an affiliated company.

Bad news guys. Appreciated if u got ppl to raise awareness / spread the word as much as possible.I knew this day was comingHere we are with a DMCA by Rockstar (I assume) on our GTAIV DE patch.Well, I suppose we need to remove all GTAIV related stuff from the website. :/ 18, 2022 The GTA 4 Definitive Edition was essentially a compilation of mods that aimed to enhance and update GTA 4 for modern PCs through graphical updates and fan-patches, and people are already begging for contraband versions(opens in new tab) of the files in the wake of the takedown notice.

It was just one of several projects under the 'Definitive Edition' umbrella, but similar mods detailed on the GTA 4 Definitive Edition's website(opens in new tab)—for GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, as well as non-GTA titles like Bully and Manhunt—remain freely available.

The DMCA notice doesn't say who issued it, but it was received by the mod's authors on September 18. That's a day before a user named «teapotuberhacker» dumped a load of GTA 6 materials(opens in new tab) onto the GTAForums in one of the biggest games leaks in history(opens in new tab), which explains why this one has slipped under the radar a bit.

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