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GTA 6 fan says they saw Rockstar game’s full story after taking peyote

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The GTA 6 release date is still shrouded in mystery, but one Rockstar fans claims to have uncovered all the sandbox game’s secrets not via the recent GTA 6 leaks, but by taking a leaf from Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in GTA 5, and inducing a psychedelic vision by using peyote, a cactus plant that is legal for us in the US as part of certain religious ceremonies.

Allegedly — very allegedly — over the course of several peyote-fuelled spirit quests, GTA 6 Reddit user ChurchofGTA has witnessed all 88 of Grand Theft Auto 6’s story missions and every one of its cutscenes.

In a series of posts collectively titled “The VIsion”, ChurchofGTA outlines the open-world game’s prologue, cutscenes, and various key story moments where players will be able to decide on how to complete objectives.

Presumably referencing the collectible peyote plants in GTA 5, ChurchofGTA outlines their spiritual procedure. “I took Rockstar’s advice and took peyote every day for seven days,” they explain, “and a portal opened up where I was able to access Gaia’s collective consciousness and view a version of GTA 6.” In the first outing, ChurchofGTA says they were only able to view the game’s opening and first 22 missions before “the gateway closed”, but has subsequently updated their ethereal findings with new GTA 6 visions. “I have been VIgorously transcribing each mission from The VIsion,” the Redditor explains, “but responsibilities on our own plane of existence have been preoccupying most of my time.” In their most recent post, ChurchofGTA goes on to explain missions number “33 to 44”, which see the player allying with a biker gang to hijack some trucks before attempting to consolidate control over the rest of Vice City.

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