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Customization in EA Motive's Iron Man Should Pull from Marvel's Spider-Man

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As Marvel's gaming ventures continue to grow with the most recent announcement of EA Motive'sIron Man project, developers should pay attention to these earlier games to take inspiration from, especially in the case of Spider-Man and its customization.

While Marvel games have been far more successful in recent years, some still show signs of stumbling at the starting block, meaning EA Motive and others need to learn from the wins and losses with the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's Avengers, and of course Spider-Man.

The latter, as one of Marvel's more successful solo superhero games, is a good template to start from.Spider-Man did many things right by the fan-favorite web-slinger such as the game's actual web-slinging traversal mechanics to nuanced character development, but one of its other stand-out features was the availability of different Spider-Man suits.

Unlocked through spending in-game tokens or completing story missions, the suits offered not just an homage to classic comic and film interpretations of the character but also gave players bonuses.

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