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Critical Role launches new tabletop RPG with a free quickstart guide

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Candela Obscura, the next livestreaming series from Critical Role, premieres Thursday night. Ahead of the highly-anticipated new series, the troupe’s Darrington Press imprint has released a quickstart guide that includes a preview of the Illuminated Worlds ruleset that the action will be based on.

It is accompanied by a how-to-play video guide by lead game designer Spenser Starke (Alice Is Missing). In the video, Starke details how the mechanics in the horror-themed adaptation will work.

Illuminated Worlds is built for narrative, cinematic play and uses a d6-based dice pool system that rewards high rolls while also leaving plenty of wiggle room for game masters to throw complications in players’ way.

The game includes five classes each with two very different subclasses. They are face (journalist and magician), muscle (soldier and explorer), scholar (professor and doctor), slink (criminal and detective), and weird (medium and occultist).

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