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Company creates, then deletes NFTs of retro games it didn't own the rights to

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Back at the end of April, MetaGravity Studio minted a set of «playable» NFTs called the Retro Arcade Collection. The problem?

MetaGravity doesn't own the rights to some of the games it was auctioning off. Waypoint reports that the rights for games like Blizzard's Blackthorne and Remedy's Death Rally still belong to their respective developers, which never authorized MetaGravity to turn them into NFTs.

The CEO of MetaGravity, Rashin Mansoor, said in a statement to Waypoint that the games the team chose for its collection were «freeware mostly, and in some cases, game demos.» MetaGravity claims that its intent is to «preserve abandonware» in the way «a lot of abandonware sites are doing.»  The big difference, of course, is that MetaGravity was selling the games as NFTs.

Even sites that offer so-called «abandonware» for free aren't necessarily in the clear copyright-wise, but the «abandoned» aspect means no one really cares if they're not charging money for them.

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