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Capcom wants Street Fighter to be around in another 35 years

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The current issue of Retro Gamer is on sale now and celebrates 35 years of Street Fighter. Our huge 10-page article not only talks to Capcom staff, but also to those people who have been shaped by the iconic fighting game, from game developers to games journalists.

Capcom itself has high hopes for its long-running series with Street Fighter 6’s director Takayuki Nakayama joking that, “We’ll probably be on Street Fighter 12 by then,” when asked where he saw the series in 35 years time. “I have no idea what that would look like, so I suppose the best I can hope for is that people are still enjoying the series by then.”  Given that the series is making a strong showing at leading Fighting Game Community event EVO 2022 this weekend (Street Fighter 5 has an entire stage all to itself), if any current franchise will still be around in the late 2050s, it could be Street Fighter.

In addition to our celebration of Street Fighter we also re-enter the orbit of the acclaimed space-trading sim Elite, discover how the cult Amiga shooter Agony was made and reveal why Bandai Namco felt it was time to resurrect the Klonoa series.

We also reveal 40 of Codemasters’ most notable budget games from the late-Eighties and early Nineties, discover how the BBC Micro publishing house Software Invasion was formed and find out why Super Space Invaders remains such an acclaimed sequel.

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