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Call of Duty Warzone 2 leak reveals AIs in the game: What is "Stronghold", and how does it work?

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Multiple leaks regarding Call of Duty: Warzone 2 have been floating around recently. As the leaks suggest, a major new game-changing detail has come to light, which will change the experience forever.While fans are still hopping onto the traditional Warzone, these reports make them intrigued about the upcoming iteration of Call of Duty's ultimate battle royale experience.Earlier this year, publisher Activision confirmed that a completely new Warzone is in development.

As the devs acknowledged that the game's current state is too bloated and too big to manage, fans need a fresh start.As per reports, the developer Infinity Ward and other CoD studios are doing a complete overhaul and building a new battle royale experience from the ground up.There are multiple rumors and leaks that suggest various details regarding the upcoming segment.

While everything is subject to change, the recent leaks have made fans more excited about the game than ever.In his video, a leaker named NerosCinema explained many details about the forthcoming iteration.While these leaks are pretty, trusted leaker Tom Henderson verified all his reports and said:Tom Henderson is pretty popular in the CoD community and is renowned for his prominent leaks.

In his Exputer exclusive, Tom explained a major game-changing system that will be integrated into the next segment.Although this is not the first time, there is a high possibility that the developers will permanently add AIs to the game, which will make the experience from PvP to PvPvE.

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