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Blimey, God of War actor Chris Judge originally played Kratos with a British accent

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God of War actor Chris Judge originally played Kratos with a British accent. This God of War trivia was revealed by Kratos' mocap and voice actor Chris Judge in an interview with IGN (opens in new tab).

When asked how Judge found Kratos' voice, the actor replied: "I let it find me," before going on to explain, "not many people know this, I actually went and did vocal training for like months before we actually started but it was with a British accent."  Jumping ahead to Judge's first day working with Sony Santa Monica on set, the actor said: "Our first day on set we're doing our first take and you see like people like whispering and talking then Corey walks over to me and he says 'was that a British accent?' and I said 'apparently not a very good one if you have to ask me.'" As we know now, this accent didn't stick, perhaps because Kratos' previous actor TC Carson had given the Greek God an American accent for the first three God of War games, or maybe because Barlog couldn't quite figure out what accent Judge was trying to pull off in that first mocap session.

Elsewhere in the interview, Judge gave an insight into the first time he met co-star and fictional son Sunny Suljic, who plays Atreus in God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok.

Describing the chemistry test between himself and Suljic, Judge said: "I get to the chemistry test and this little runt of a kid is there but he was so engaging and so intelligent and we just hit it off immediately." The actor continues: "We had just met like our relationship was there from the very first words." According to Judge, his co-star still teases him about the chemistry test: "Sunny still says 'hey, I should be getting 10%, I'm responsible for your career, I'm the one who

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