Big Brother: What Crazy Game Twist Julie Chen Moonves Would Love To See

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Every season of Big Brotherbrings a new surprise, and longtime host Julie Chen Moonves has a unique game twist in mind that she would love to see on the show.

Being the host of the competition series for so many years, Julie has seen all of the twists that have come and gone. Some were hits among fans, while others did not go over as well with viewers.

Unlike most seasons of Big Brother, season 24 has already had two twists so far. Initially, the twist of the season was supposed to be the Backstage Pass twist.

While it kicked off on night one, the twist quickly came to an end after Paloma Augliar self-evicted from the game. Because she left the game early, the first eviction of the summer was canceled, and so was the Backstage Pass twist.

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