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Batman's Origin Is So Tragic It Can Open A Portal To Hell

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Warning: Spoilers for Future State: Gotham #13! The Dark Knight of Gotham City known as Batman has a well-known and highly tragic origin that has deeply affected him for decades, and now it’s been revealed that not only is Crime Alley responsible for the creation of one of DC Comics’ best characters, but it’s also one of the only places on Earth where Hell can quite literally come knocking.

Brought to readers’ attention in Future State: Gotham #13, by Dennis Culver and Geoffo, this series continues the future adventures of a Gotham City that unfortunately isn’t better off compared to the corrupt, grimy, and violent place it is today.

Scattered to the wind after the supposed “death” of the Bruce Wayne aka the original Batman, and the rise of the fascist forces known as The Magistrate, the rest of the Bat-Family has taken up various roles across the city to help protect their home in their own ways.

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