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A Greedy Emissary Treasure Goblin Spawn Cycle Revealed

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Since the launch of the Diablo IV crossover event, A Greedy Emissary, players have been hard at work uncovering the Treasure Goblin spawn cycle, so that not a single piece of loot will be missed!

Based on findings from the Achievements Discord and several other helpful players, it appears that Treasure Goblins spawn every 30 minutes, rotating between Stormwind, one of the Dragon Isles Zones, and Orgrimmar on a very predictable cycle!

If you're still catching up, check out our Diablo IV crossover event guide for more information on Treasure Goblins, as well as all the cool loot they're bringing to Azeroth!

A Greedy Emissary Diablo IV Crossover Event Guide This spreadsheet by Xirev-Vashj EU and the Achievements Discord confirm the Treasure Goblin's spawn cycle.

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