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9 and a half questions we have for Shadow and Bone season 3

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This season of Shadow and Bone didn’t just adapt the next book in the main trilogy — it finished up Alina’s main story, and also pulled in some plotlines from the Crows books, and also from one of the companion short story books.

It was a lot, so you might be wondering, Man, is there anything left for an upcoming third season? Just kidding! You’re probably not wondering that, because Shadow and Bone season 2 ended with a lot of loose ends that weren’t actually there in the books.

And even if it didn’t, there are two separate sequel series that follow different sets of characters and dive into the ramifications of the Ravkan Civil War.

Some of these threads, however, are foreshadowed way more in season 2 than others — and some might actually be addressed in a possible Six of Crows spinoff instead. [Ed.

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