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5 tips for beginners in Fire Emblem Engage

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The latest entry in Nintendo's long-running Fire Emblem franchise, Engage is a return to roots for the iconic tactical role-playing series.

Gamers take on the role of the protagonist, Alear, a Divine Dragon awakened with fading memories of their past. Their mission is to collect 12 Emblem Rings and invoke the spirits of past Heroes to save the continent of Elyos from the tyrannical Fell Dragon.Beginners to the series may be overwhelmed by this seventeenth entry, and as such, this guide will list down five tips that are sure to accentuate their stay in the world of Fire Emblem Engage.Note: Minor spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage will follow.

Viewer discretion is advised.Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran of the series, here are five useful tips to support your journey on the continent of Elyos.Fire Emblem Engage is much more combat-focused than its prior entry, Three Houses.

The game features the return of the triangle system, albeit with modern additions and tweaks, to make for a more enjoyable experience.

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