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Fire Emblem Engage: All animals and ingredients they provide

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Fire Emblem Engage, the latest entry in Nintendo's turn-based role-playing game series, has finally been released worldwide.

While the title is fairly accessible for newcomers, mastering its many challenging aspects, including unit management, weapon triangles, and nuances, can take hours.Like other titles in the series, Fire Emblem Engage also features classic role-playing systems that function as a distraction between combat scenarios.

These side activities also add context to the narrative and characters.One such optional activity is adopting and caring for cute little animals that appear after every battle.

These post-battle animals also serve as a good source of rare and useful items. After adopting an animal and taking it to Somniel, it can be used to farm resources.Here's a comprehensive guide on all the animals in Fire Emblem Engage and the ingredients/ resources they provide.In Fire Emblem Engage, players can adopt a variety of cute little animals that not only serve as friendly companions but also help gather some rare ingredients and resources in the game.

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