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Best Gifts for each character in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage allows multiple ways to help your Units get more powerful as you progress through the narrative and complete some of the harder challenges of the JRPG.While equipped with the right gear and accessories, Bond and Emblem rings are a more straightforward way of helping them scale, while the social feature will also help you make the most of these classes.One such social feature in Fire Emblem Engage is the Support Rank mechanic, where using the Units in battle, providing them with Gifts, and treating them to a meal at Cafe Terrace lets you build a stronger bond with them.

By maxing out your Support Rank with the characters in Fire Emblem Engage, you can unlock additional abilities for them and help them gain bonus stats.One of the best ways to rank up your relationship with the Units in Fire Emblem Engage is through the Gifting process, where giving them certain items can strengthen your bond.Published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Engage, a tactical role-playing game, is part of the Fire Emblem series and was released on January 20, 2023.This guide covers the best Gifts for each character in Fire Emblem Engage.Below is a list of the best Gifts for each character in Fire Emblem Engage, categorized by different kingdoms and regions present in the game:1) Lythos VanderClanne FrammeAlfred Céline BoucheronEtie Louis ChloéJean DiamantAlcrystAmber Jade CitrinneLapis Yunaka Saphir Timerra Fogado Merrin Panette Bunet PandreoSeadall Ivy HortensiaZelkov Kagetsu Rosado Goldmary Anna LindonVeyle Mauvier The Spirit Gem is not mentioned in this list, as it is universally favored by all Fire Emblem Engage characters.You can acquire these gifting items by exploring the world and progressing through

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