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How to forge and upgrade weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

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While playing Fire Emblem Engage, you need the most potent weapons possible. The forces of evil won’t defeat themselves, and at a certain point in the game, you’ll be given access to several shops within the Somniel.

This includes the Smithy, which will be one of the most valuable portions of the game.The Smithy in Fire Emblem Engage will allow you to adjust your weapons in several important ways, including taking one item and transforming it into something else.

It isn’t done for free, but it is worth your time. Especially considering weapon durability has disappeared from the game.Even before you unlock the Smithy in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll find Iron and Steel ingots post-battle.

Unlocking the Smithy is easy enough - complete Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle. The blacksmith will appear and want to aid you in your quest to defeat the Fell Dragon.It’s easy to find the Smithy as well - head back to Somniel and walk over to her shop.

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