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How do the multiplayer features work in Fire Emblem Engage? Relay and Outrealm explained

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While it is primarily focused on a more single-player narrative-driven experience, Fire Emblem Engage comes with certain online game modes that players can enjoy either co-operatively or competitively.The turn-based strategy game allows you to recruit units to your party as you make your way through the narrative and explore the world.

Each has a class-specific set of skills that bring something unique to battle.This is why there are a lot of unique elements and ways that you can make your team compared to your friends, and you will be able to use the line-up to play with or against them.There are currently two online game modes that you will be able to enjoy in Fire Emblem Engage, these are the Relay Trials and the Outrealm Trials.

Where the former is the co-op mode, and the latter being PvP where you will be able to fight against another player’s party that will be controlled by an AI.Today’s guide will cover the two multiplayer Fire Emblem Engage modes and how they work.As mentioned, there are two online game modes in Fire Emblem Engage, the co-op mode called Relay Trials, and the PvP mode called Outrealm Trials.In Relay Trials you can form parties with your friends and group up in the Tower and Trials.

This is a simple mode where you and another player will be tasked with encountering and defeating enemy AI.Depending on how many players there are on the team, each of you will get turns to attack.

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